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Changing the way therapists do business!

Rehab U Practice Solutions

“Changing the way therapists do business!”

The healthcare system in the US is broken. Regulations abound. The way therapists provide services and do business is broken. Therapists are getting burned out, trying to hit productivity numbers and pumping patients through their clinics like a factory assembly line. Patients feel that the services they receive are cookie-cutter and sub-par at best. Neither therapists nor patients are achieving the outcomes they desire. That’s why Rafi started Rehab U Practice Solutions. Read our story here.

Combine his knowledge & clinical expertise with a gift of education & speaking, a unique understanding of the rehab world & healthcare environment, and a desire to empower therapists to break out of the paradigm that causes burnout and poor clinical/professional outcomes, and you get Rehab U Practice Solutions.

Rehab U Practice Solutions offers educational & consulting services to private practices and healthcare organizations to help provide better clinical outcomes and patient experiences. We focus on building clinical knowledge and expertise, improving patient engagement, strategic planning, and developing unique messaging and communication strategies to make sure that your patients and customers have a uniquely impactful experience. Are you tired of spinning your wheels in the world of traditional (conveyor-belt) healthcare?

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Advising and Training

Implement a Plan that Creates an Outstanding Patient Experience


Clinical Consulting

Expert Guidance: Increase productivity & improve outcomes


Clinical Resources and Education

Continuing Education & Patient Resources


Strategic Planning

Marketing, Messaging, & Discovering Additional Sources of Revenue

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About Us

We are on a mission to radically change the way therapists do business! We want to help our clients break out of the cookie-cutter paradigm that leave them burned out, stressed out, and wanting more for themselves and their patients. We approach each of our clients with fresh eyes to develop customized, unique strategies to improve patient experience, engagement, and outcomes. We want you and your patients to love what you do and value the skill and knowledge you bring to the table.

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