So how can Artificial Intelligence (AI) be used to assist clinicians in delivering quality care to their patients?

AI has the potential to significantly improve clinical decision-making abilities and diagnostic accuracy. In this post and video, I explore two ways that AI can help clinicians provide a higher quality of care for their patients.



Clinical Decision-Making Aids and Tools Powered by Artificial Intelligence


Healthcare providers bring tremendous value when it comes to patient encounters by taking vast amounts of technical knowledge from science, research, literature, and protocols and applying them specifically for an individual patient’s circumstances. One benefit of using AI is its ability to make this decision making process more accurate.

For example, as we explored on an episode of The Better Outcomes Show, if a clinician sees 10-40 patients during one shift they may struggle with fatigue or overlook important details about the patient due to time constraints. With AI assistance through dashboards or tools integrated into EMRs (electronic medical records), clinicians are prompted with possible considerations relevant for a particular patient based on articles or references.


Artificial Intelligence: Improving Accuracy of Diagnostics


Another way that artificial intelligence can help healthcare providers deliver high quality care is by improving diagnostic accuracy. We talked with Ronny Shalev, PhD about Algorithmic software powered by machine learning algorithms that have been developed which help identify nuances missed by physicians who review reports after seeing hundreds of them throughout the day; specifically in cardiology – but it applies to all diagnostic imaging.



Many benefits come with incorporating artificial intelligence into healthcare delivery systems such as improved clinical decision-making capabilities and enhanced diagnostic accuracy. By utilizing these resources provided through advancements in technology, health professionals have greater opportunities to provide higher levels of quality care for their patients.


What are your thoughts on how Artificial Intelligence can improve healthcare?


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