What’s the one question you need to effectively answer to Stand Out in the Healthcare Marketplace?

Standing out in the healthcare market as an innovative company is a challenge. The key? An effective value proposition and positioning strategy. Consider the four stakeholders: the patient, the provider, the payer, and the policymaker. Understanding this helps you Stand Out in the Healthcare Marketplace.

It’s crucial to answer “Value to whom?” Identify the specific ‘whom’ within each stakeholder group. For providers, as an example, there are many ‘whoms’ to consider. Narrow down to whom your solution is truly valuable. Position your service to solve a big problem for that specific whom. Start by answering the “Value to whom?” question, and build from there.



How to Stand Out in the Crowded Healthcare Technology Market

The healthcare technology market is bustling with innovation and competition. With so many players in the field, it’s crucial to differentiate your product or service to capture attention and market share. In this blog, I’ll share insights on how to stand out by honing your value proposition and positioning strategy.


Understanding the Four Stakeholders of Healthcare

The healthcare industry is complex, with different stakeholders having varying needs and priorities. The four main stakeholders are patients, providers, payers, and policymakers. Each group has its own set of challenges and requirements, and understanding these can help tailor your technology or service to meet their specific needs.

Patients seek convenience, affordability, and quality in their healthcare experience. Providers are looking for efficiency, accuracy, and tools that enable better patient outcomes. Payers, which include insurance companies, aim to manage costs while ensuring patient satisfaction. Policymakers are focused on compliance, public health outcomes, and equitable access to healthcare services.

Identifying which stakeholder your technology serves most directly is the first step in crafting your value proposition.


Answer the “Value to Whom” Question

One of the most crucial questions you can answer is “Value to whom?” Your technology might have a broad application, but to stand out, you need to pinpoint exactly who benefits most from your offering. Even within a single category of stakeholders, such as providers, there are subgroups with distinct needs and pain points.

By narrowing down your focus to a specific “whom,” you can build a more compelling narrative around your product or service. For instance, if you’re targeting providers, are you focusing on large hospitals or small clinics? Are you addressing the needs of general practitioners or specialists? Each subgroup will have different challenges, and your technology should provide a solution that’s tailored to them.

Understanding the specific problems and pain points of your chosen subgroup will guide you in positioning your product as the best available solution.


Developing an Effective Positioning Strategy

Once you’ve identified the “value to whom,” it’s time to develop your positioning strategy. This involves clearly communicating how your technology solves a significant problem for your chosen stakeholder. Your positioning should highlight the unique benefits and features of your product that are most relevant to them.

An effective positioning strategy conveys the unique value of your solution in a way that resonates with your target audience. It’s not just about being different; it’s about being meaningfully different in a way that addresses a significant need or pain point.

Positioning extends beyond the product itself to encompass the entire experience you offer. Consider the customer journey, from awareness to purchase and beyond. Each touchpoint is an opportunity to reinforce your value proposition and strengthen your position in the market.



Standing out in the crowded healthcare technology market is no small feat, but it’s achievable by focusing on your value proposition and positioning strategy. Begin by identifying the stakeholder you aim to serve, answer the “value to whom” question with precision, and develop a positioning strategy that communicates your unique worth. By doing so, you can capture the attention of your target audience and establish a strong foothold in the healthcare technology landscape.


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Rafael E. Salazar II, MHS, OTR/L (Rafi) is the Principal Owner of Rehab U Practice Solutions and the host of The Better Outcomes Show and the author of Better Outcomes: A Guide to Humanizing Healthcare. His career trajectory includes 12+ years of experience in healthcare management, clinical operations, programmatic development, marketing & business development. He even spent some time as an Assistant Professor in a Graduate Program of Occupational Therapy and has served on numerous boards and regulatory committees. He has worked on projects ranging from patient engagement initiatives to marketing communication campaigns to a multi million dollar project assisting the State of Georgia's Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities transition individuals out of state institutions to community residences. His work on Telehealth has been discussed in Forbes.

Today, Rafi helps innovative healthcare companies like technology startups, platforms, SaaS companies & innovative healthcare organizations develop effective positioning strategy and business development plans through his consulting work. He also leverages his experience as a professor and academic to speak and train on the topics around humanizing the healthcare experience & healthcare innovation. In addition, Rafi also owns and operates ProActive Rehabilitation & Wellness, a multidisciplinary outpatient clinic treating patients with musculoskeletal pain.

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