What are the benefits of Digital Health?

When working with students at the university, consulting with healthcare technology start-ups, and even speaking at healthcare organizations and conferences, one question has been coming up often: “What are the benefits of digital health?”. Digital health has a myriad of benefits, one of the most significant being enhancing patient engagement and active participation in their care. In areas like orthopedics or physical therapy, it shifts from passive treatments to promoting self-management techniques at home.

The research indicates that active participation and self-management is far more beneficial than short-term effect treatments such as injections or manual therapies.

A great aspect about digital health is that it boosts patients’ confidence, whether through wearables or remote therapeutic monitoring – creating accountability and making them more actively engaged in their treatment which leads to better clinical outcomes.

In a study analyzing 10k participants using digital healthcare programs for chronic musculoskeletal pain, findings showed higher completion rates of exercises & recommendations, increased engagement rates and improved appointment attendance.

Furthermore, there was a significant positive relationship between patient engagement in activities/care course & pain reduction – proving how empowering patients via digital health results in tremendous advantages.

This new paradigm allows us to transition from mere appointments to ongoing communication platforms where concerns can be addressed promptly leading to adherence with home exercise programs & hopefully better long-term outcomes. Beyond cost reduction and efficiency increase; I see the real value lies in empowering patients with data access enabling them to become active participants in their care journey – The ultimate benefit of Digital Health.



The Main Benefits of Digital Health

So, what are some of the benefits of using digital health? What kind of advantages do patients receive from it? There’s a myriad to list but I think the most substantial impact is on patient engagement or active participation in their care. This is especially relevant in my field, which revolves around orthopedics and physical therapy.

Most issues we see – chronic pain, musculoskeletal injuries – stem from a bias towards passive treatments where patients simply receive care without actively participating. However, research has shown that active self-management techniques are far more beneficial in the long run than passive short-term effect treatments like injections or manual therapy.


Digital Health: A Catalyst for Active Patient Involvement

Here’s where digital health comes into play. It promotes patient self-efficacy through tools like wearables or remote therapeutic monitoring that provide some form of accountability. The result is that patients become more actively engaged in their treatment leading to improved clinical outcomes.

In fact, there was a longitudinal study involving 10k participants suffering from chronic musculoskeletal pain – back pain, knee pain etcetera – who used digital healthcare programs as part of their treatment regimen. Analysis revealed that these individuals demonstrated higher completion rates for exercises and compliance with recommendations compared to those not using digital health solutions.

Patient engagement positively correlated with reduction in pain levels showing how one major benefit we derive from digital health is its ability to empower patients by making them drivers instead of passengers on the journey towards recovery.


The Power Of Secure Messaging Platforms For Patient Engagement

A prime example would be secure messaging platforms aimed at facilitating communication between doctor and patient during home exercise regimes designed for ailments such as lower back pains. If a patient experiences discomfort during an exercise they can quickly reach out via this platform asking if it’s normal or whether something needs changing. The clinician can respond accordingly providing encouragement when needed thus bolstering adherence to said program which should ideally lead to better long-term outcomes. This interaction underlines just how integral involvement and initiative on part of the patient really are when it comes down healing themselves effectively over time.


Digital Health Beyond Just Clinical Outcomes

Beyond merely improving clinical outcomes though lies another equally important aspect worth noting about digital health; cost efficiency. It reduces monetary expenses involved cuts down number visits improves overall system efficiency all while allowing data use access available act enablers empowering people take charge own well-being rather being limited role mere recipients help advice In essence then core promise offered by this revolutionizing way approach treatment management illness diseases focusing individualized tailored approaches harness power technology drive positive change lives many across globe today future generations come.


What are some of benefits you see with digital health?


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Today, Rafi helps innovative healthcare companies like technology startups, platforms, SaaS companies & innovative healthcare organizations develop effective positioning strategy and business development plans through his consulting work. He also leverages his experience as a professor and academic to speak and train on the topics around humanizing the healthcare experience & healthcare innovation. In addition, Rafi also owns and operates ProActive Rehabilitation & Wellness, a multidisciplinary outpatient clinic treating patients with musculoskeletal pain.

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