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Consulting & Advisory Services


Below you will find a brief rundown of the services that Rehab U Practice Solutions offers. We focus on helping physical & occupational therapy clinics and organizations increase revenue by improving patient experience, engagement, & retention.

You can also check out our resources page for materials aimed at increasing your clinical knowledge and grow your practice. Or, you can head over to our Insights Page to read our latest articles covering everything from evidence-based clinical info to tips and strategies to grow your practice and improve patient experience.


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What We Do


Rehab U Practice Solutions works with Occupational & Physical Therapy Clinics and Departments to maximize revenue through improving patient engagement, experience, & retention.

With a focus on building clinical knowledge and expertise, improving patient engagement, discovering niche market opportunities, and developing unique messaging and communication strategies, Rehab U helps clinics deliver outstanding care and an impactful experience. The following is a sampling of services we offer. Click the link below to schedule a free 15-minute discovery call.


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Our Approach


1. Assess

Understanding context, purpose, mission, vision, & values

Patient engagement audit

Strategy review and clarity


2. Discover

Take the insights gathered from Step 1, along with other pertinent information to discover a compelling positioning and craft a marketing & business development strategy based on that positioning


3. Develop

Take the insights discovered in steps 1-2 to determine the focus area based on the Patient Relationship Cycle™ 

Develop strategic plans, goals, and systems integrating positioning strategy and area of focus 


4. Execute

We stand by and offer advisement and support while you execute and implement the strategies we’ve developed in the previous steps

What’s Involved


Positioning & Messaging

We work with you to review and adjust your clinic’s positioning statements, niche selection, and your communication content using our discovery process. We also work closely with you to identify and develop additional or alternative areas of specialization that create new value in your business.


Marketing Strategy

We work with you to review and adjust your marketing plan relative to your positioning, area of specialization and area of focus on the Patient Relationship Cycle™.


Lead Generation & Referrals

We thoroughly review your lead generation and referral data, and advise you on crafting an appropriate and powerful lead generation plan that puts your business on the map for your target market and area of focus.



Patient Satisfaction & Engagement

Your patient satisfaction and engagement will be audited through surveys and interviews. We use the Patient Experience Blueprint™ to develop a plan based on your data.


Staff Development

We thoroughly review engagement and satisfaction levels amongst staff to ensure role alignment and identify areas for growth and career development. (optional)


Productivity & Utilization

We review productivity and other relevant KPIs, assess optimal utilization of staffing/clinic time, identify additional revenue or market opportunities, and work with you to develop a comprehensive optimization plan. (optional)


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Speaking & Training


Rafael speaks on topics related to leadership in healthcare, patient engagement & experience, and marketing & communication strategy for rehabilitation professionals & organizations. He will customize his presentation for your specific audience and to meet your organization’s specific goals and objectives. His goal is to help you facilitate the outcome you want for your event and audience.

His most recent topics include to following. Keep in mind that these can be tailored to be delivered as a presentation/keynote, or as a workshop.


About Us

We are on a mission to radically change the way therapists do business! We want to help our clients break out of the cookie-cutter paradigm that leave them burned out, stressed out, and wanting more for themselves and their patients. We approach each of our clients with fresh eyes to develop customized, unique strategies to improve patient experience, engagement, and outcomes. We want you and your patients to love what you do and value the skill and knowledge you bring to the table.

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