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Check out our upcoming virtual and on-sight workshops below!

LIVE Webinar! “Never Lose Another Patient: Leveraging a Biopsychosocial Approach to Improve Patient Engagement, Retention, & Revenue”

This LIVE webinar will take place on Wednesday, July 1st, 2020 @ 12:00 PM EST (07/01/2020 @ 12:00)


You’ve heard a lot about the Biopsychosocial (BSP) Model of healthcare and how clinicians have been using it to improve clinical outcomes across the healthcare industry.

  • But how do you actually go about implementing a BSP approach?
  • How does it affect patient engagement & retention?
  • Can it have an affect on clinic revenue?

Attend this webinar for answers to those questions.

We want to help you serve and care for engaged patients to promote better clinical outcomes, unmatched patient satisfaction, and lasting relationships and so we’re proud to offer this webinar for free.


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Coming Soon: The Ultimate Patient Experience Blueprint Workshop (Virtual — Fall 2020)


If you’re a clinician that’s tired of poor patient satisfaction ratings, low numbers of patients returning for follow-up appointments, scheduling difficulties, dealing with “difficult” patients, or you are a clinician that feels that your clinic could improve the overall patient experience, then this workshop is for you!


This 4-week, hybrid virtual workshop will include recorded modules which will be made available ON DEMAND so you can complete it on your schedule! (because who’s got time in their clinical day to crank out a course in one sitting?) …Of course, there will be 4 weekly Q&A sessions during the 4 weeks, so I encourage you to attend those, in person. 


The recordings & materials for this course will be kept available for you to return to, review, and access for up to 1 year. In that time, if we do any Q&A sessions or follow-up workshops, those will also be added into this course for you to have access to.


Each exercise will help you focus your clinic’s positioning, messaging, and strategy, helping you put the systems in place to deliver uniquely impactful patient experiences in your clinic. 


The Ultimate Patient Experience Blueprint Workshop

Here’s just a taste of what you’re going to learn in this course:


  • The 3 Elements of Positioning and how to leverage them to maximize your clinic’s marketing message, strategy, and service offering development
  • How to identify your ideal client and craft messages specifically for them
  • How to leverage a biopsychosocial approach to craft effective marketing messages for your ideal clients
  • The principles of the Patient Relationship Cycle and how to leverage them to create meaningful and impactful patient experiences


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Also, check out our resources page for materials aimed at increasing your clinical knowledge and grow your practice. You can also head over to our Insights Page to read our latest articles covering everything from evidence-based clinical info to tips and strategies to grow your practice and improve patient experience.

Courses, Trainings, & Continuing Education


The Biopsychosocial Model: Application to Rehabilitation Practice


If you’re a clinician that’s tired of cookie-cutter treatment and conveyor belt therapy, or you are a clinician that feels that healthcare should be a more human experience, then this course is for you!

Here is a 1.5-hour CEU course that covers the biopsychosocial model and how you, as a clinician, can apply its principles in your practice to begin having a real impact in your patients’ lives, improve your clinical outcomes, and begin to feel more fulfilled in the work that you do.This is more than a “how-to” course. I don’t believe in cookie-cutter protocols or plug-and-play interventions.


Biopsychosocial CourseHere’s just a taste of what you’re going to learn in this course:

  • The principles of the Biopsychosocial Model and it’s theoretical basic
  • Evidence-based strategies for documenting, communicating, and implementing biopsychosocial processes
  • The 3 Factors that affect every patient
  • Evidence-based strategies for meeting clinical objectives while addressing not only the physical diagnosis
  • The importance of Social & Operant Learning Mechanisms and how they impact your patient’s perceptions
  • Clinical examples for treating patients with Chronic Pain using Neuroscience Education techniques
  • The 3 Levels of Care described by the Biopsychosocial model


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About Us

We are on a mission to radically change the way therapists do business! We want to help our clients break out of the cookie-cutter paradigm that leave them burned out, stressed out, and wanting more for themselves and their patients. We approach each of our clients with fresh eyes to develop customized, unique strategies to improve patient experience, engagement, and outcomes. We want you and your patients to love what you do and value the skill and knowledge you bring to the table.

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