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Here you will find our selection resources for clinics and professionals to help boost patient engagement & retention as well as resources to help improve your clinical communication, education, and clinic management. We also offer a wide array of evidence-based clinical resources from exercise handouts to post-operative rehabilitation protocols.

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Private Healthcare Practice Financial Assessment

Private Healthcare Practice Planning Tool Check in on the financial health & sustainability of your practice and put a plan together to increase revenue & profitability using a Private Healthcare Practice […]

The Cancellation Reduction Framework

Leverage Patient Engagement to Reduce Cancellations and Increase Clinic Revenue   Are Cancellations and No-Shows Impacting Your Therapy Practice?   It seems that these days, with the typical rise in missed appointments […]

The Ultimate Patient Experience Blueprint: Part I

Mastering the Patient Relationship Cycle™   Happy, satisfied patients are the lifeblood of any practice or clinic. It’s what ensures patients show up for their appointments, that they’re engaged during […]

Telehealth & the Future of Healthcare: Delivering High-Value, High-Impact Services

Implementing Telehealth Without Ruining Patient Engagement or Experience A High-Level, Philosophical View of Telehealth, Virtual Service Delivery, and a Hybrid Model of Healthcare Report Produced By: Rafael E. Salazar II, MHS, OTR/L   […]

Better Outcomes: A Manifesto for a New Healthcare

Let’s get real: Healthcare is broken. You know it. I know it. Every clinician who came into this field from a desire to care for others, knows this to be […]

2019 Survey Results: Outpatient OT & PT Clinicians, Managers, Directors & Owners

Referrals, Caseload, Retention, & Trends Data Collected: 09/11/19-10/30/19 Report Produced By: Rafael E. Salazar II, MHS, OTR/L   This survey was completed in the latter part of 2019 and provides some […]