The Telehealth Roadmap

Delivering Outstanding Patient Experiences in the Virtual World

The Telehealth Roadmap™ can help you if…

You want to seamlessly integrate virtual service delivery at your clinic or organization…


You want to capitalize on the benefits of virtual service delivery & telehealth…


You want to train your staff and clinicians on the most effective workflows and processes for implementing telehealth…


You want to create a system that keeps patients & clients happy, engaged, and satisfied throughout the entire process of care, including telehealth & virtual services…

You want to leverage telehealth & virtual services to recapture cancelled visits and improve cancellation & no-show rates…


You want to use telehealth to increase your organization’s geographical footprint so you can see more patients, retain them throughout their course of care, and create uniquely impactful patient experiences…


You want use technology to help your patients effectively manage their care while limiting overhead and costs…


You want to increase access for your patients, allowing you to see more patients, maximize clinician billable time, and improve the quality of care…


The Telehealth Roadmap™

A Proven Framework for Successfully Implementing Telehealth


Here’s the deal: telehealth has always been on the sidelines. It’s been a tool that some clinics have used when appropriate, but regulations and reimbursement guidelines have made it relatively inconsequential in the greater landscape of healthcare delivery. Then, the world experiences a pandemic, leading to clinic closures and a drive to limit social & physical contact between people. This left many clinics in turmoil. What once was standard care delivery became extremely limited, or non-existent.

That caused many clinics and organizations to embrace telehealth. In fact, as part of my consulting work for the State of Georgia, I was able to play a key role in drafting the clinical & operational guidelines that the state’s Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities used to roll out their telehealth & virtual service delivery programs.

Clinics “jumping” into telehealth often commoditize their own practice and endanger patient experience and satisfaction. One thing is certain: the impact of poor patient experience is AMPLIFIED when the patient isn’t on-site. If you’re moving to adopt telehealth, you MUST understand how to deliver real, human connections and experiences in that new environment.

On top that that, healthcare will never be the same. Since “everyone” is adopting some form of telehealth or virtual healthcare service delivery, it can only be assumed that this will continue, even after this crisis has passed. Clients and patients see the value & convenience of receiving telehealth services and will seek those opportunities out in the future.

This program will help you  develop “Standard Operating Procedures” & Clinical Guidelines to implement telehealth at your practice or organization.


For years we have been masters of the patient experience. We’ve done the research. We’ve sat down with multiple experts who have successfully implemented teleahealth into their practices & clinics. We’ve also taken our existing framework for delivering The Ultimate Patient Experience™, and tailored it specifically for clinicians to deliver services virtually without any negative impact on patient engagement.


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Our Proprietary Framework:


1. Telehealth Fundamentals

A simple method for developing an understanding of core competencies for telehealth service delivery and establish standardized operating procedures for telehealth workflows.


2. Patient Relationship Map

Develop unique messaging strategies based off of a patient’s relationship (based off of the Patient Relationship Cycle™)to your clinic and appropriate Marketing-message match.


3. Process Development

Identify key players & contact points and develop processes to deliver virtual services.


4. Communication Roadmap

Develop specific strategies related to communicating with patients about telehealth and virtual service delivery

How It Works


The Telehealth Roadmap™ will help you craft a strategy, develop workflows and procedures, and implement virtual service delivery in a way that maximizes efficiency while simultaneously delivering an outstanding patient experience.

The first step is to begin laying the groundwork by understanding the fundamentals of telehealth and virtual service delivery and then crafting basic “tenants” of telehealth for your clinic or organization.

While it is important to understand the differences between virtual service delivery & in-clinic care from a clinical standpoint, you must also consider how implementing virtual care affects clinic workflow, communication, informed consent, and administrative processes.

The first section of this program lays out the fundamentals of telehealth & virtual service delivery. From there, we help you develop your organization’s workflows (or operational guidelines), standard operating procedures, and processes to ensure the actual delivery of virtual services can occur without a hitch.

Finally, we will help you develop your communication, messaging, and patient/provider education strategy so that you’re able to effectively communicate both the effectiveness & value of virtual service delivery.

Notice how we keep saying “virtual service delivery“? The reality is that the term “telehealth” means many things to many people. For purposes of this process & program, when we use the term “virtual service delivery”, we mean any interaction between a provider and a client/patient, where the provider uses their clinical expertise to help a patient manage or treat their diagnosis, illness, or dysfunction. This may include what’s called “virtual visits” or synchronous telehealth, which basically moves an in-clinic appointment online. However, this is only a fraction of what virtual service delivery & telehealth means. It may include asynchronous visits, remote monitoring, secure messaging, and the like.

While the majority of the focus when it comes to “telehealth” is on synchronous virtual visits, we should encourage customers to begin to think about how to expand their thinking about telehealth and how they can leverage the benefits and value of virtual service delivery beyond simply replacing in-clinic visits. Telehealth has the ability to greatly expand continuity of care, increase the number of touch points your organization can have with your patients, and even help to mitigate risks along the way when it comes to helping patients manage their care.


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Medical Professionals RafiIf you’re ready to craft a strategy to help your organization bring in more clients, retain them throughout their course of care, and create uniquely impactful patient experiences, then reach out. We’d love to talk with you about how Rehab U Practice Solutions can help.

What we can help you do:

✅ Train your staff and clinicians to be able to confidently communicate the value your organization provides…

✅ Leverage best practices, new technology & telehealth, and marketing/messaging to maximize patient engagement & retention…

✅ Develop a system that keeps patients & clients happy, engaged, and satisfied throughout the entire process of care…

We help you not only craft marketing messages & campaigns that build that know, like, & trust value you need to convert leads into scheduled clients; but we also work with your clinicians and staff to make sure that, once a patient decides to schedule an appointment, you have a system setup that keeps them happy, engaged, and satisfied throughout the onboarding, treatment, and discharge process.

In short, we help your whole organization become focused on the most important thing in healthcare: people – the people who work for your organization, and the people who your organization treats and serves.


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Rafael E. Salazar II, MHS, OTR/L

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