Attract, acquire, engage, and retain more patients that value your services.

Increase your revenue, decrease no-shows & cancellations, and deliver better outcomes & higher patient satisfaction.
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The Ultimate Patient Experience Blueprint™ can help you if…

You want your patients & clients to do your marketing for you…


You want your patients to show up to their appointments…


You want to train your staff and clinicians to be able to confidently communicate the value your organization provides…


You want to develop a system that keeps patients & clients happy, engaged, and satisfied throughout the entire process of care…

You want to leverage best practices, new technology, and marketing/messaging to maximize patient engagement & retention…


You want to bring in more patients, retain them throughout their course of care, and create uniquely impactful patient experiences…


You want your patients to complete their course of care…


You want your patients to come back to your clinic or organization if they have a need in the future…

Executive Summary

Because I know you’re busy, here’s a brief overview of this service offering, what to expect, the process, cost, timing, and all the other important bits. If you’d like more detail, keep on scrolling and, if it makes sense, click one of those buttons below to schedule a time to chat about your situation and whether this is a good fit for you.


What it is: The Ultimate Patient Experience Blueprint walks an organization through a framework for developing and implementing patient acquisition & engagement strategies to increase total number of visits per month, improve patient satisfaction levels, and reduce opportunity cost from no-shows & cancellations.

How it works: The process unfolds as follows…

  • First: We schedule a time to talk about your organization’s situation and whether or not this is a good fit for you.
  • Second: If the answer to the above is a “yes”, then we decide which elements of the framework are most beneficial for your organization (Sometimes, it’s one or two. Other times, it’s all 4.). Once we decide on a scope of work, you’ll receive an agreement to sign and return, a nondisclosure agreement to protect the privacy of your organization, and a list of any materials or information we need to get started. Once you formally accept the engagement, by signing and returning the agreement, you will receive an invoice for the initial deposit. Upon receipt of payment, we reach out to you and your leadership team to schedule the initial kickoff meeting.
  • Third: On the day of the kickoff meeting, you will receive the final invoice for the project, due upon receipt (you then don’t have to pay another dime). We then begin to work with yourself, your leadership team, and any other pertinent members of your team to work through each item in the framework. Depending on which elements you organization has chosen, this may only take one or two 90-minute zoom conferences, or it may take more. Typically, projects involve 1 meeting per week for 4-6 weeks; though some projects require less and some require more. After each meeting, you’ll receive a summary and details regarding homework before the next meeting and a list of what we’ll be working on.
  • Fourth: Following completion of the deliverable (your clinic’s manual), we’ll schedule a time to train pertinent staff (clinical or administrative) on the processes developed for your organization. This is typically done over one 90-minute zoom conference. This is recorded and made available to you for future use with new hires.
  • Fifth: Once training has been completed, I will be available to provide advisory services in the form of a zoom conference or phone call or two over the next 30 days as you implement the processes in your organization. At the end of the 30 days, our work is done and you should have everything in place and it should be humming along smoothly. We then part ways as friends (though, I’d love to stay in the loop, so email me updates so I can share your joy at the progress you make).
  • Sixth (optional): In the event that you wish to have us assist on a more long-term or ongoing basis, we then come to an agreement on terms & fees for an ongoing consulting agreement. Fees for these types of arrangements are invoiced at the beginning of the month and due upon receipt.

Where: Remotely via the inter-webs. If you’d rather an in-person or onsite engagement, that can be arranged as well, though the initial investment will be larger than the examples listed below.

Duration/Timeline: Typically between 30-45 days on the short end and 8-12 months on the long end. Most project typically reach completion within 6 months.

Scheduling: We’re typically able to schedule a project to start within 2-4 weeks, depending on the time of the year.

Deliverable(s): A process that results in the development of organization-specific processes and material that you can use to guide new business development, marketing campaigns and strategies, and patient/client engagement & retention strategies.

Implementation: As mentioned above, 30 days of implementation guidance which can be extended provided terms & fees can be agreed upon.

Participation Requirements: The CEO/COO and/or leadership team will need to attend and participate in meetings and complete any homework tasks as assigned (typically 6-10 hours over the course of the engagement). Staff and employees will need to be available for training session(s), typically 90 minutes total.

Investment: Typical engagements range from $15,000-$50,000. Investment changes depending on deliverables selected and scope of work. For example, some monthly consulting and advisement engagements range from $2,500-$5,000 per month. Read below for more details.

Payment Terms: 25% deposit due prior to scheduling start go work. The remaining 75% due at the outset of the engagement (Don’t let payment terms hold you back. We can always work those out as needed to make it work for your organization’s cashflow needs).


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The Ultimate Patient Experience Blueprint™

Master the Patient Relationship Cycle™


Happy, satisfied patients are the lifeblood of any practice, clinic, or health system. It’s what ensures patients show up for their appointments, that they’re engaged during treatment, and even that they refer their friends and acquaintances to your services. But achieving positive patient experiences takes some planning and work. Through this program we help you craft a strategy to delivery amazing patient experiences in your clinic at all levels of the Patient Relationship Cycle™ . This can lead to increased satisfaction ratings, improved retention rates, and overall happy patients; which in turn impacts your key business metrics such as cancellation rates, course of care completion rates, and lifetime patient value.


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Our Process & Framework


1. Diagnostic & Positioning

Understanding context, purpose, mission, vision, & values

Discover your 3 Elements

Strategy review based on the 3 Elements


2. Patient Relationship Mapping

Identify specific messaging points based on your ideal patient or referral source, using a biopsychosocial approach, and considering their Patient Relationship Cycle™ with your clinic.


3. Messaging & Lead Generation Strategies

Develop specific strategies related to your identified pain points, resources, and targeted stage in the patient relationship cycle.

Lead Generation & Client Conversion Strategies


4. Process & Value Framework

Develop defined standard processes related to implementing the marketing and messaging strategies developed in previous sections. 

Develop specific strategies related to discussing & providing value your patients based on the identified messaging points, resources, and targeted stage.

How it Works


What is It?: The Ultimate Patient Experience Blueprint™ helps you develop the strategy, systems, and processes to allow your clinic or organization to gain new & more patients, engage those patients throughout the treatment cycle, retain those patients both during their initial course of care as well as for subsequent courses of care, and also to have former patients become a reliable source of word-of-mouth referrals.

We help you identify critical elements in your strategic thinking and the messaging required to develop marketing templates & campaigns, patient handouts and educational material, and any necessary clinic-specific forms.

The final deliverable includes a manual, a blueprint you might say, that your organization can use to develop & implement marketing initiatives, new business development plans, and process of care improvement plans in the future. You will use it to ensure consistency across all other marketing or patient-facing material.

How long will it take?: Projects typically range from 30-45 days on the short end to 8-12 months on the long end. While we do offer ongoing engagements & retainer options, most of our projects using this framework typically resolve within 6 months.

5 Steps Funnels


The Ultimate Patient Experience Blueprint gives you the tools and strategies needed to attract, acquire, engage, and retain more patients, leading to improved patient satisfaction and increased revenue. 


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What’s Involved


1. Positioning & Messaging

Discover your 3 Elements™. We work with you to discover your clinic’s unique value in the marketplace, taking into account your clinical expertise, market demand & opportunity, and your organization’s purpose (mission, vision, values).


2. Marketing Strategy

We work with you to take stock of and adjust your marketing plan as necessary to align it with your positioning, speciality or discipline and area of focus on the Patient Relationship Cycle™.


3. Lead Generation & Referrals

We guide you through development of lead generation strategies for both direct-to-consumer and referral relationship development so that your new business development plan never hinges on only one pipeline of new patients.



4. Process Development & Staff Training

We review your current processes & procedures and make adjustments where necessary to improve front office appointment conversions, increased rates of patient arrival, and decreased cancellations & no-shows. We also train your office and administrative staff on front office business development strategies. 


5. Value Framework

We review strategies related to discussing & providing value your patients based on the identified messaging points, resources, and targeted stage.


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What’s the Cost?


The big $$$ question…Well, here’s the deal: I know you’ve likely scrolled down past all of the material up above and have come to rest here, at the price. Unfortunately, I wish I could give you a specific quote for a specific engagement level and call it a day. It would make it easier for me, and you’d get the exact answer you’re looking for now.

Unfortunately, I can’t do that. Why? Because, much the same way we believe that each patient or client you serve is uniquely different, so we believe of you. Therefore, I can’t give you a one-size-fits-all pricing model, because we tailor our process and framework to each client we work with. What I can do is provide you a sample proposal with some rough averages to give you an idea of the size of investment we’re talking about. I can tell you that The Ultimate Patient Experience Blueprint typically ranges between $15,000 and $50,000. Sometimes, we do provide monthly consulting & advisement services based on The Ultimate Patient Experience Blueprint, and those engagements typically range from $2,500-$5,000 per month. If those investment levels seem outside of your budget or price range, consider checking out or other consulting & training services. That being said, below is a sample engagement options illustration to give you an idea of average investment size. Again, sometimes it’s much larger; sometimes, much smaller. It all depends on your particular situation & needs.



Sample Consulting

What are the terms? Typically, we require between a 25-50% deposit to get started. The balance is typically due on the first day of project work. And, unless you decide to pursue some extended engagement or retainer relationship, you don’t have to pay another dime.

If you want to know more specifics or have specific questions about investment size and whether this is a good fit for your organization, grab a spot on my calendar and we can go from there. 


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Work With Us

Medical Professionals RafiIf you’re ready to craft a strategy to help your organization bring in more clients, retain them throughout their course of care, and create uniquely impactful patient experiences, then reach out. We’d love to talk with you about how Rehab U Practice Solutions can help.

What we can help you do:

✅ Train your staff and clinicians to be able to confidently communicate the value your organization provides…

✅ Leverage best practices, new technology & telehealth, and marketing/messaging to maximize patient engagement & retention…

✅ Develop a system that keeps patients & clients happy, engaged, and satisfied throughout the entire process of care…

We help you not only craft marketing messages & campaigns that build that know, like, & trust value you need to convert leads into scheduled clients; but we also work with your clinicians and staff to make sure that, once a patient decides to schedule an appointment, you have a system setup that keeps them happy, engaged, and satisfied throughout the onboarding, treatment, and discharge process.

In short, we help your whole organization become focused on the most important thing in healthcare: people – the people who work for your organization, and the people who your organization treats and serves.


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Rafael E. Salazar II, MHS, OTR/L

For a summary and bio of the Principal Owner of Rehab U Practice Solutions, Rafael, click here.

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Rehab U Practice Solutions is a leader in patient retention strategy for healthcare organizations. We help clinics and health systems improve patient engagement & experience leading to increased revenue & lifetime patient value. We envision a world where skilled, competent, and caring clinicians serve and care for engaged patients to promote better clinical outcomes, unmatched patient satisfaction, and lasting relationships.

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