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What does it mean to be an UE Specialist?

Before we go about answering the how-tos, we’ve got to take a step back and get a big picture idea of what it actually looks like to be clinician who specializes in UE rehabilitation.

When we talk about specializing in UE rehabilitation, we are focused on becoming an expert in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of UE disorders and dysfunctions. However, specialization can take many forms.

For example, you could go out, buy some books, study, and take an exam to get credentialed as a “specialist”. You could immerse yourself in your daily practice in treating and managing UE disorders, building up a reputation as a specialist, and developing relationships within the industry to establish yourself as an expert. And you could also get involved in academic or clinical research in UE disorders. Specializing also opens doors to non-clinical OT careers. At the end of the day, a specialist is someone who is recognized as a subject matter expert and is able to demonstrate that expertise, either through actual hands-on treatment or through education and research.

Regardless of which avenue you pursue to become “a specialist,” the basic path is the same. Many clinicians who are certified in a specialty have developed a reputation as being an expert, and some of them go on to participate in clinical or academic research in the area of UE rehabilitation.

So now that we have defined what an UE Specialist is, how do we go from a new grad or a “generalist” to specialist?

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Rafael E. Salazar II, MHS, OTR/L is the president and CEO of Rehab U Practice Solutions. He has experience in a variety of rehab settings, working with patients recovering from a variety of injuries and surgeries. He worked as the lead clinician in an outpatient specialty clinic at his local VA Medical center. He also has experience as an adjunct faculty instructor at Augusta University’s Occupational Therapy Program, as a Licensed Board Member on the GA State OT Board, has served on several committees for the national OT Board (NBCOT), and as a consultant for the State of Georgia.

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